Peacemakers to Begin Bike Patrols with Bikes Donated by Dasa PropertiesBack >

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Buffalo, NY - "The Buffalo Peacemakers will begin bicycle patrols at the Juneteenth Festival this coming weekend thanks to a donation from a local business.

Dasa Properties, a property management firm, has donated $600 for the purchase of four bicycles that had been sought by the Peacemakers to provide greater mobility at events and in patrolling neighborhoods.

“Dasa Properties heard of the need and stepped up and bought us the bicycles. They told us they do a lot of business in the city and wanted to help,” said Community Policing Lt. Steve Nichols, who serves as the department’s liaison with the Peacemakers.

The Peacemakers assist police at major events and work with young people in the community.

Dasa’s donation, Nichols said, is representative of Buffalo being known as “the City of Good Neighbors.""