Our Services


Dasa Properties offers a full spectrum of property management and rehab services for the property owner including bookkeeping, new lease signing and setup, proactive maintenance and eviction assistance.

  • Property Management

    10% of all monies received, except Security Deposit and tenant reimbursed repairs

    • Tenant Inquiries
    • Rent Collections
    • Property Inspections
    • Scheduling Repairs
    • Dispute Resolution
    • Legal Notices
    • Attorney Consultations re: Eviction Proceedings
    • Rent collected will be disbursed to owners no later than the 10th and 25th of each month
    • Owner Statements will be issued for each property via email twice monthly advising dates of ACH deposits, escrow balances, etc.
  • Bookkeeping

    Invoiced monthly

    • Each invoice reviewed for excessive usage before deducting from rents collected
    • Dasa Properties will pay all invoices related to the property (insurance, taxes, repairs, etc) with the exception of mortgage payments
    • Copies of invoices, statements and disbursements will be issued with Owner Statements no later than the 25th of each month
  • Rehab

    Prices vary depending on service

  • General Maintenance

    Prices vary depending on service

  • New Lease Setup

    Fee is equal to one month’s rent

    • Aggressive marketing of vacancies
    • Diligent screening for best candidates
    • Preparation of Section 8 and other government documentation
    • Document control and storage for easy retrieval
  • New Lease Signing

    Fee is charged for each unit currently occupied* (*new owners only)

    • Thorough inspection of property
    • Notification to owner of needed repairs
    • Signed lease by each adult tenant along with all documents mandated by law
  • Lawn Maintenance

    Fee depends on size and condition. Lawns are maintained every 7-10 days from April thru October.

  • Snow Removal

    Fee depends on size. Snow is removed only when necessary to avoid liability (minimum 2” on walkway)

  • Eviction

    Number of tenants dictates attorney's and marshal’s fees