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Owner, CEO
Office: 716.873.6490 ext. 206  

Lisa Fucina Nichols is an exemplary visionary. She has utilized her solid background in real estate to contribute tirelessly to the revitalization of Buffalo’s community neighborhoods for more than 18 years. Lisa’s expert knowledge of the Buffalo real estate market propelled Dasa Properties to grow – and flourish – quickly.  Her personal commitment to and involvement in all property management decisions insures Dasa’s client base remains committed for the long term.  As a competitive perfectionist, Lisa has mastered the art of preventive problem solving and deterministic forward planning.

To ensure the close relationships she has fostered with her investors, Lisa structured Dasa’s business plan to include a Chief Financial Officer and Directors in Project Management, Marketing and Residential Services. Their complementary skills keep Dasa strong and the benefits to Dasa’s investors unmatched.