Property Management Processes


Dasa understands investment properties are purchased for profit and must be managed with rigorous attention to the bottom line. We are proud to have exceptional, proven property management processes in place consistent with that goal. Our entire staff is trained to be lean thinkers and responsible for actively addressing opportunities for continuous improvement. We audit our processes regularly to ensure our focus remains only on relevant, value added activities for our clients.



Maintenance and Rehabs

  • Random property visits ensure residents abide by guidelines and expectations
  • Proactive maintenance by in-house professional contractors eliminates costly repairs, saves money, and increases tenant satisfaction / respect for property
  • Licensed trades are sub-contracted, as specialization needs arise
  • Vendor and material costs are routinely scrutinized and negotiated for optimal savings
  • Trusted relationships with suppliers and volume purchases leverage Dasa’s buying power
  • Vendors and suppliers are never single-sourced; back-up contingencies eliminate wasted 
time and bottlenecks
  • High occupancy rate due to advanced scheduling and workload balance 


Customer Service

  • Exceptional personal customer service has been integral to Dasa’s brand since 2000.


  • Vacancies are aggressively advertised at market rate
  • Potential residents are carefully screened
  • Sales professionals quickly close deals with best candidates