As a UK resident, I was introduced to DASA in 2007 when considering the purchase of rentals in Buffalo.  By phone, Lisa Fucina Nichols gave me a comprehensive briefing on the company that convinced me I had found a competent, efficient and owner friendly organization.  They take full responsibility of my portfolio and offered advice about the properties I was considering at one time. They kept me away from purchases in problem areas of the city and have helped to keep vacancies down to 2 or 3 weeks between tenants. I recommend their bookkeeping service as it has enabled me to have organized records which make it easy to deal with the IRS.

I'm kept well informed about tenancy changes, repairs and maintenance.  I am confident these matters will be dealt with in a thoroughly professional manner and at reasonable cost. The availability of the repair/maintenance service is vital for a quick response to tenant call-ins.  It encourages tenants to feel like the owner cares about the quality of the property they call home. Regular inspections are made to keep on top of maintenance works and John is always available to discuss these matters.

Yes!  Dasa has set the quality standard for property management in Buffalo.  If you're in the rental business, my view is look no further. The City of Buffalo is fortunate to have Dasa.

– Clive Joels | Leeds UK — Client Since 2007