In the years I've worked with Dasa, I've come to recognize that success in property management is the result of thousands of small actions and decisions. Before I hired Dasa in 2007, my properties had been languishing with a previous manager whom I had selected because he talked a good game, but who turned out to have poor attention to detail and scant follow-through skills. He spent his time managing me instead of managing the properties. Little things got missed. Tenants came to expect that their repair requests would usually go unanswered -- until they contacted me directly. By contrast, since I switched to Dasa, we’ve seen a steady, consistent improvement and a pro-active approach to maintenance that has kept my tenants happy, and the long-term ones staying put. The cumulative effect of the years of proactive repairs and happy tenants have allowed us to gradually increase rental rates in-line with market conditions while maintaining full occupancy. The result is that by the 10th anniversary of working together, we have achieved a fully-occupied, well-maintained, cash-flow positive set of rental units that I’m proud to own. Starting our second decade, I’m extremely happy with the relationship.

– Alex Arrow | Redwood City, CA — Dasa client since 2007