Full Time

Rehab Technician

The Rehab Technician is responsible for providing expert skills in renovating vacant units between tenants. 

Project Site Manager

Project Site Manager personally performs construction related duties, monitors and directs employee activities from the start of the job until its completion. This position requires elevated levels of organization and attention to detail and the ability to provide management and on-site services for interior and exterior construction work over residential and commercial properties. Also, a strong understanding of the construction process and use of a wide range of construction tools. 
PSM (Project Site Manager) needs to ensure that employees complete their work according to time and budget expectations; will be responsible to develop material list, and provide direct material obtainment, coordination and physically delivery to the jobsite of all materials necessary to complete the project. 
PSM will have the ability to learn and manage a variety of applications and software to guide projects, manage expenditures, update before and after pictures, and direct staff to project completion. 
PSM is supported by the PM/Sr. PM in larger order placement or equipment coordination to each jobsite as needed. 

Maintenance Technician

The Maintenance Technician is Responsible for Conducting Maintenance and Repairs at Residential Housing.