As a UK resident, I was introduced to DASA in 2007 when considering the purchase of rentals in Buffalo.  By phone, Lisa Fucina Nichols gave me a comprehensive briefing on the company that convinced me I had found a competent, efficient and owner friendly organization.  They take full responsibility of my portfolio and offered advice about the properties I was considering at one time. They kept me away from purchases in problem areas of the city and have helped to keep vacancies down to 2 or 3 weeks between tenants. I recommend their bookkeeping service as it has enabled me to have organized records which make it easy to deal with the IRS.

I'm kept well informed about tenancy changes, repairs and maintenance.  I am confident these matters will be dealt with in a thoroughly professional manner and at reasonable cost. The availability of the repair/maintenance service is vital for a quick response to tenant call-ins.  It encourages tenants to feel like the owner cares about the quality of the property they call home. Regular inspections are made to keep on top of maintenance works and John is always available to discuss these matters.

Yes!  Dasa has set the quality standard for property management in Buffalo.  If you're in the rental business, my view is look no further. The City of Buffalo is fortunate to have Dasa.

– Clive Joels | Leeds UK — Client Since 2007

Occupancy has been maintained, repairs have been done quickly at reasonable costs, and rent collections and bookkeeping have been excellent.

– Anonymous

If you are looking for a reputable, diligent, and responsive property management company in the greater Buffalo area, Dasa Properties is the go to. Dasa has set the bar against which all others - inside and outside the area - should be measured. Living on the west coast, it was important for me to partner with a property management company I could trust to oversee the upkeep of the property I own in Buffalo.

– Adam Lerner | Manhattan Beach, CA — Dasa client since 2007

In the years I've worked with Dasa, I've come to recognize that success in property management is the result of thousands of small actions and decisions. Before I hired Dasa in 2007, my properties had been languishing with a previous manager whom I had selected because he talked a good game, but who turned out to have poor attention to detail and scant follow-through skills. He spent his time managing me instead of managing the properties. Little things got missed. Tenants came to expect that their repair requests would usually go unanswered -- until they contacted me directly. By contrast, since I switched to Dasa, we’ve seen a steady, consistent improvement and a pro-active approach to maintenance that has kept my tenants happy, and the long-term ones staying put. The cumulative effect of the years of proactive repairs and happy tenants have allowed us to gradually increase rental rates in-line with market conditions while maintaining full occupancy. The result is that by the 10th anniversary of working together, we have achieved a fully-occupied, well-maintained, cash-flow positive set of rental units that I’m proud to own. Starting our second decade, I’m extremely happy with the relationship.

– Alex Arrow | Redwood City, CA — Dasa client since 2007

As an out-of-country real estate investor, my biggest challenge was finding the right property manager. Since working with Dasa my properties are well taken care of, my involvement is minimal and their communication is transparent. I TRUST them implicitly. When I call them, I feel like I'm talking to a part of my team.  Their efforts have made all the difference and I would recommend them to anyone.  Thank you Dasa team! 

– Beatrice Pitocco | Toronto, Canada — Dasa client since 2010

Living abroad, I rely solely on Dasa to look after my properties. Keep up the good service.

– Bikker Pangulier | Derby, UK — Dasa client since 2007

Dasa Properties has been a key part of my success in the real estate investing arena, and I would not hesitate to recommend them to any fellow investors who might be thinking of investing in the Buffalo, NY area.  I look forward to the future and continuing to build my investment property portfolio with the help of Dasa Properties.

– Jeff Bognar | Franklin Lakes, NJ — Dasa client since 2007

Dasa provides a worry free service that enables an owner to relax and know that everything regarding their properties is being taken care of. Lisa Nichols truly puts the interest of owners first and foremost. Dasa is definitely very well organized and efficiently run.

– Jim Smith | Port St. Lucie, FL — Dasa client since 2007

The Dasa staff has been very professional and helpful. Repairs are dealt with quickly and rentals have been quite painless.

– Jon Paul Figueroa | Monroe, NY — Dasa client since 2011

Dasa Properties has been managing my fifteen properties in Buffalo for years. I rely completely upon Dasa for everything in connection with my properties and it has been my good fortune to possess business acumen with Dasa Properties.

– Kyrrha Bell | Tujunga, CA — Dasa client since 2009

I have been very happy with the services Dasa provides. The property is managed very professionally and I am always kept up to date. Dasa answers my questions promptly, services my property well and overall I am very pleased with our relationship.

– Louise Johnson | Clovelly, Australia — Dasa client since 2010