Dasa Properties remains successful because we forge lasting and trusted working relationships with our clients and cultivate pleasant and respectful relationships with our residents.

You were carefully chosen to reside in a Dasa Properties to enjoy comfortable living in harmony with your neighbors.  Please review our Guidelines & Expectations and be assured we are committed to enforcing rules fairly and equally so all Dasa property residents can enjoy a peaceful quality of life. 

For your convenience, we offer the online ability to request maintenance by our experienced, trusted and reliable staff.

If a family member or friend is looking for an affordable and secure place to live, Dasa has vacancies available. All all centrally located in residential neighborhoods for easy commutes to schools, churches, shopping and more.  Please let family and friends know how enjoyable living in a Dasa-managed property can be! 


  • Pets are not allowed.
  • We require, at minimum, a one-year lease.
  • Requests for Landlord Statements will be honored within 48 hours of receipt.

It is the responsibility of every resident to ensure that:

  • Your phone and best alternate contact numbers remain current in our files during your tenancy.
  • The property remains a residence. It cannot be used for business or illegal activity.
  • The property’s exterior remains clean, uncluttered and free of unregistered or non-working vehicles.
  • All local laws for refuse and recycling collection are followed. Bulk trash collection is scheduled twice annually.
  • There are no breaks in service of any utilities, to avoid freezing of pipes.
  • Smoke detectors, since they save lives, must remain in place, and be maintained with fresh batteries every six months.
  • Your neighbors’ peaceful enjoyment of their premises is respected at all times.


  • Rent is due on the first of each month.  Payments received in our office postmarked after the third of the month will be assessed a $50 late charge.
  • All money received will be applied first to any previous balance due.
  • Payments must be made by check or money order; we do NOT accept cash.
  • Should the bank return your check to us for any reason, a replacement payment in the form of a money order with late charge and bank fees is due in our office within 24 hours. From that point forward, only money orders will be accepted.


  • Non-urgent maintenance requests can be made online or by calling 716.873.6490 ext. 204.
  • Should you need to leave a message, please be as specific as possible and leave a contact phone number.
  • Be advised that when requesting maintenance, you are authorizing our maintenance staff to enter your residence without your having to be present, unless otherwise stated.*
  • Emergency requests after hours can be made by calling 716.873.6490, listen to options to get to the emergency line. If you have a life-threatening emergency, call 9-1-1

    *Please understand that in the event of an emergency, we may need to enter your residence without notice.

Move-out Process

  • New York State law requires tenants to provide Dasa Properties with written notice 31 days in advance of intent to move.
  • Your security deposit cannot be used as payment for your last month’s rent or to pay off any outstanding balances.
  • Once informed of your intent to move, we will request that you allow us access to your unit with 24 hours' notice - for the purpose of securing prospective residents.
  • Within 15 days of our receiving your written notice, we will contact you to confirm your move-out date and arrange a time for your final walk-thru so that any damages can be assessed.
  • At the time of move out, your residence must be broom clean and in the same condition it was in when rented. To complete your move, all of your belongings need to be removed from the property and all keys relinquished to a Dasa employee.
  • Please remember that rent will be accrued each day your possessions remain on the property even if you have physically vacated the premises.
  • New York State law gives landlords reasonable time to evaluate the residence and provide written notice to the tenant’s last-known address of any damage in excess of normal wear and tear .